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Holding down the caps key


Need to enter two or three capital letters in a row? If you’re using a standard computer keyboard or an old manual or electric typewriter you can do this by engaging the Caps Lock, typing the letters, and disengaging the Caps Lock. Of course, if you’re just typing two or three letters, it’s easier to hold down the Shift key and type. Most mobile touchscreen devices with “soft” (on screen) keyboards don’t let you do this. However, the keyboard on the iPhone and iPod touch does. Hold down the Shift key with the thumb of the hand that is holding the device, and hit the desired letters with a finger on the other hand.

Warning: The iPhone/iPod’s keyboard automatically capitalizes the first letter of the first word in a sentence. If you hold down the Shift key for this letter, it and subsequent letters will be entered in lower case until you release the Shift key.