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Access extra punctuation marks and symbols quickly


Access Extra punctuation marks and symbols quicklyWe've mentioned before that if you hold down on a vowel in the iPhone's pop-up keyboard, you are presented with accented variations of the vowel used in other languages. You can also enter less common punctuation marks and symbols using this method.

For example, go to the number/symbol keypad and hold down on the following keys:

  • Hold down on the double-quotation mark key and you get ascii (straight) quotation marks, typeset (curly) quotation marks, and other options.

  • Hold down on the dollar symbol and you get the symbols for other major world symbols.

  • Hold down on the dash key and you get the option of entering the longer "em-dash."

  • Hold down on the quotation mark and you get the option of entering the inverted quotation mark used at the beginning of sentences in some languages.

Other alternate symbols are available by pressing other keys.