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Practical, everyday uses for Camera


You can use the Camera app on your iPhone to take photos of your family and friends, but there are other very practical uses for this function:

  • If you're in an accident, document the location and damage to your car with photos; take a photo of the other car's license plate. You can e-mail them to your insurance company or if necessary, the police.
  • If you leave your car in a large mall or airport parking lot, take a photo of it and make sure you have one of the parking lot ID signs in the photo (e.g., "Lot E4"). It will help you find the car when you are leaving.

  • If you see something you want to buy at a store, but need input from your partner before you make the purchase, take a photo of it and e-mail it to him or her. These can be items of a personal nature, like a living room lamp, or work related, like a piece of office equipment.
  • Take a photo of all your pets and keep it on the iPhone. If they go missing, you can reproduce it for your "missing pet" posters or to show people what the pet looks like.

  • If you're visiting a home or business and see a room design that you like that you may want to reproduce in your own home or business, take a photo of it.

  • Take a photo of important documents (wills, birth certificates, Social Security Cards, etc.) and keep them on your device.
  • Take a photo of the hand-drawn map to the potluck or the handwritten recipe for your mom's delicious key lime pie.

There are many, many more practical uses for the iPhone's camera.