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More ways to get an iPhone: $197 at Wal-Mart or $99 for a refurb at AT&T!

It's official.  Starting Sunday, you can get an iPhone at Wal-Mart.  As is their trademark, the prices will be lower than elsewhere, but only by $2.  I guess you can buy a couple of apps with the money you save!

Or, if you don't mind a refurbished unit (and Apple does a great job with their refurbs), AT&T has 8GB iPhones for just $99.  That's a great deal.  But with MacWorld in just over a week, and rumors of new iPhones (either larger capacities or the much less likely iPhone Nano), it might be wise to wait.  Of course, you could leverage AT&T's return policy, so you could act now and see what happens.


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