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"Must-Haves" for Chicks

The iPhone’s style and the power of its apps make “iPhone Chick” something you’ll feel proud to be called!

 The iPhone has an irresistible quality to it that creates an instant bond between users. Suddenly, you have something in common with the person next to you in that long line at the bank. Yet, it’s the state-of-the-art power it provides that makes it a must-have for us chicks. I used to think it was a bit trendy—and that opinion kept me on the wrong side of the iPhone equation for much too long. My skepticism cost me time and money in my personal life and as a business owner.

The look and feel of the iPhone are the first things that catch your attention, but it’s the apps that allow you to experience its unparalleled capabilities. Let’s take a look at six fabulous examples.


$19.99; omnigroup.com

OmniFocusThis app makes it easy to keep track of tasks by date, place, project, or person. It allows you to easily bring up agenda items, shopping lists, to-do lists, or any other lists you create. There are two components of this app that I absolutely love:

  • Contexts: This allows you to look at and work on tasks that fit your present mood. For example, when you are ready to handle phone calls, just tap the “Phone” context within your list to obtain all the phone-related items you have entered.
  • Nearby Contexts: This uses the iPhone’s GPS capability to help you decide which task to complete next based on your location. For example, if you have grocery shopping as one of your tasks, this app will show you the closest grocery store.

Shopping for groceries may be a necessary part of life, but if you are like me, you have very little time for cooking. Don’t fret. The following app will help you find a good place to eat.


Free; urbanspoon.com

UrbanSpoonPeople in metropolitan areas are calling this app the “relationship saver” because it quickly ends bickering between two hungry people in love. Simply enter the type of food you feel like having and your price range, and UrbanSpoon will suggest nearby restaurants based on your present location or another area of the city that you specify. The app also gives you restaurant reviews from newspapers and bloggers and lets you share your options with friends.

Now that we’ve fed our tummies, we’ll need to work off some of those calories. There are a couple apps for that as well.

Yoga Trainer PRO

Yoga Trainer Pro$1.99; free “Lite” version also available;


With this app, you learn yoga at your own pace. It includes visual demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for hundreds of poses, as well as an audio introduction for each pose. You can even create a customized sequence of poses to further enhance your experience.


iFitness$1.99; medicalprod.com

Every chick knows the importance of staying fit. iFitness helps by giving you 230 images and over 100 videos of people performing exercises, sorted by body region or the muscle(s) it targets. The app includes 12 routines with different goals such as weight loss, strength, ab definition, etc. It also lets you create workout logs, monitor weight changes, and record and track your success.

When you look great, you want to dress great—you’re ready to shop! The following apps will help you make the most out of your time at the mall.


Free; style.com

Make the most of your shopping experience with Style.com, an app that puts the fashion runways of New York and Europe in the palm of your hand. With the help of their technology partner, SpotlightMobile, Style.com features couture shows, Style File blogs, fashion reviews, and even video feeds to help you make the best fashion decisions.

iStylist Makeover

iStylist$0.99; stylerdesign.com

Gone are the days of having your hair colored, only to spin around to the beautician’s mirror, and melt with embarrassment. iStylist ($0.99 App Store) allows you to take a photo of yourself and then try on different hair colors and styles from your iPhone—before taking the plunge.

Texture, power, craftsmanship and ever-evolving apps—the iPhone has it all. Once you become an iPhone Chick, you’ll never ever go back!