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Weather Pod For iPhone : Weather Intelligence Made Beautiful

Weather Pod For iPhone : Weather Intelligence Made Beautiful
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Having the option to check accurate and reliable weather data in a quick and hassle-free way makes perfect sense for the any app user, whether you're looking for a quick forecast check or a more detailed overview. Weather Pod brings a refreshing and unique approach to how you can view your weather conditions, forecasts, astronomy, historic statistics and weather alerts.

 Weather Pod lets you: 

  • Check your current weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, precipitation and visibility.
  • Predict the current probability of it raining (or snowing, sleeting...) in your current location.
  • Check your weather forecast for the next 3 days ahead.
  • View the sunrise and sunset times for your location.
  • View the current moon phase data.
  • Check the historical temperature statistics for your location.
  • Check for any weather alerts within or near your location (the app will also notify you if any weather alerts are present).
  • View a realtime satellite radar map for your location.

 Weather Pod ($0.99) is available for sale now at the iTunes App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/weather-pod/id640044820?mt=8). A video preview for Weather Pod can be found here: https://vimeo.com/66283647