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Learning a language


iTunes LatinoOne of the keys to learning a language is to immerse your self in it. Ideally, you’d like to live where the language is spoken, but that’s not always possible. SettingsLanguage 1More practical ways to immerse yourself in the language include watching foreign language movies and TV shows, listening to foreign language music and radio, and reading books published in the language you are learning. Your iPhone or iPod touch can help you with this.

The “Latino” link in iTunes will take you to a wide variety of Spanish-language content.

Settings LanguageLet’s say you’re learning Spanish. Go to iTunes and click on the “Latino” link. You’ll find a wide variety of Latino music listed, as well as podcasts, audiobooks, videos, TV, apps, and more. Use the “Search iTunes Store” feature to find content for other languages.

You can change the default language on iPhone to display the language you’re studying.

While you’re at it, change the default language on your 
iPhone or iPod touch to the one you’re learning. All the labels, menus, etc. will appear in that language. Go to Settings >General >International >Language and select the language you’re learning.