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“Annoying Caller” alert!



Persistence is an admirable quality in some circumstances, and very annoying in others. For example, a broker keeps calling you about an investment opportunity involving sub-prime mortgage-based derivatives. “Thanks, but no thanks” may be tolerable once, but having to repeat yourself can get old quickly.

A person posting in the iPhone section at YahooGroups.com had a creative solution for this. Create a single contact and call it “BLOCKED” or “DON’T ANSWER” or something like that. Then, when you have identified a phone number as one you don’t want to answer, enter it in this contact. You can associate a scary ring tone with the contact, or import and select a scary image as the contact’s photo. That way, every time that contact calls you, you’re instantly aware that it’s one you don’t want to answer.

Note that you can enter up to 9 phone numbers in an individual contact, so this single contact can alert you to 9 different annoying callers.