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Tiff Fax Viewer

Tiff Fax Viewer
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TiffFaxViewer can handle multiple pages fax received electronically in TIFF format. You can now easily view your multiple pages fax.

Viewing :-
- Supports "Open-In" for email attachment
- Supports open from Album for saved TIFF images
- Supports copy (from email) & paste into the App
- Fast page navigation (previous & next button, touch to swipe, tap on page number for wheel navigation)
- Supports page rotation
- Supports multi-touch zoom-in/zoom-out
- Supports double tap zoom-in-zoom-out
- Supports portrait / landscape mode
- Supports retrieve files from Dropbox
- Supports in page drawing (optional In-App Pucrhase) 

Output / Export :-
- Supports save individual page as JPEG into Album
- Supports copy and paste (JPEG format) into other Apps including email
- Supports direct email as JPEG
- Supports Save as PDF (for all pages) to 'Open in" other Apps including iBooks