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Weather Tune

Weather Tune
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Weather Tune For iPad Brings together a unique fusion of weather data & features, combined with a virtual radio interface. This includes the ability to play & listen to a variety of online radio stations, while you browse the through the variety of weather features on offer.

Using your iPad location abilities, Weather Tune displays your current weather conditions, including:

- General overview
- Current temperature (either in fahrenheit or celsius)
- Current wind speed & direction
- Current humidity level

Other Features include:

- The latest weather and climate news from around the globe.
- The option to listen to a selection of radio streams via the virtual radio player
- Keep up to date with the latest storms with the Storm Watch map feature.
- Preferential settings, enabling you to choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius as your preferred temperature display.
- A unique weather themed digital clock display with an animated cloud background.

Weather Tune acts as the perfect virtual weather station with a twist of musical entertainment!