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“frendle” – an app for iOS (iPhone 3,4,5).
“frendle” is a social network of a new generation, an app for setting and imaging of the user’s status and following of the friends’ status in real time.

A user sets his/her status:
With a help of a text message and a colorful emotional indicator – from the red (happiness) to the blue (sadness). A user can add his/her friends, who also set their statuses. By that all friends can follow each other status in real time and all that without any unnecessary information – only a short message and an emotion (color).

“frendle” has an unusual style and interface. There is no other prototype in such appearance and functionality. If look at the evolutional chain of social networks, it will be as follows: livejournal, facebook, twitter, frendle... Everything leads to minimalism, sometimes users just need to know how their friends are!

“frendle’s” main features:
- Innovation in style and interface
- Setting of a user status by minimum means – text and status color
- Quick review of the friends’ statuses
- Status in real time

App homepage (with video): http://frndl.com
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/frendle/id581930250