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Empire Conquest

Empire Conquest
Product Type: 

Game: Empire Conquest

Genre:   Action / Strategy

Platforms:  iPhone, iPod

Developer:  Targa Limited


In Empire Conquest players will journey back to the Middle Ages in order to establish their own empire in a long and expansive quest to achieve world domination.

Game Features:

Build, upgrade, research, train and battle your way to the top.
Tired of waiting to attack your foes? Empire Conquest introduces a brand-new concept to MMO strategy genre with Instant Battle.

Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/empire-conquest/id540300000

In Empire Conquest, you don’t need to spend precious time waiting for the units to arrive at your enemy’s city. All battles within the game happen instantly which makes Empire Conquest the perfect match for your iPhone.

As you progress through the game you'll receive notifications on your iPhone when your city is being attacked, allowing you to quickly login to the game and exact revenge immediately.

Not exciting enough for you? Then the Alliance Revenge battle system is perfect for you, letting you exact revenge on your enemies alongside your allied members. Attacked players can post the name of their attacker on the alliance revenge board where other allied members can view the details and help the victim into claiming a decisive victory.
The Alliance Revenge system ensures that you will never be alone in Empire Conquest.

Any MMO strategy game would not be complete without heroes and Empire Conquest is no different. Recruit heroic battle-hardened leaders with a choice of 6 different talents to lead your fearless army to victory.

Empire Conquest also boasts a fantastic graphics engine with rich visuals that bring to life your fledging empire in jaw dropping detail.

Are you ready to conquer the world?