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EscapeBoat is a thrilling boat game developed by Reverie Corporation Limited.

It is a nice and challenging game for its beautiful artwork, graphics and tough game play.

There are two types of map in the game:

  1. desert map and
  2. forest map.

Different maps appear with different challenges.

There are seven boats to play with and it’s a tough game of 3 minutes. Throughout the whole game play user experiences:

  1.  enemies,
  2. fire tank,
  3. submarine,
  4. island and
  5. other obstacles.

Player’s mission is to escape from all these difficulties overcoming two challenges:

  1. little ammunition
  2. low fuel availability

No other boat games is so much challenging as escape boat. It offers continues effort to escape from all the attacks.

In upcoming version of the game there will be more challenges to make it even more interesting to its user. There is a facebook page for its user to provide feedback.