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Feem WiFi: Painless File Transfers

Feem WiFi: Painless File Transfers
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Feem WiFi helps you to PAINLESSLY transfer files in your WiFi or local network. Be it between iPhone, Windows, iPad, Mac or Linux devices. At fast speed.

In addition, you can listen to music and watch movies with Feem WiFi on iPad / iPhone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Install Feem WiFi on all devices between which you want to transfer files. Free versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available on http://www.tryfeem.com. If you face any difficulties contact us on info@tryfeem.com.

Feem WiFi comes along with the following features:

**** PAINLESS FILE TRANSFER between Windows, Mac, Linux iPhone and iPad devices. Install Feem WiFi on the respective device and start transferring files painlessly immediately. 
**** WATCH MOVIES: Transfer your movies from Windows, Mac or Linux to your iPhone / iPad and watch your movies with Feem WiFi. Feem WiFi comes with a movies player that allows you to watch most movie formats.
**** LISTEN TO MUSIC: Feem WiFi has an integrated music player which allows you to customize a playlist for all transferred music.
**** CROSS-PLATFORM: Transfer files between various devices easily. Feem WiFi supports nearly all operating systems on desktop and mobile: Windows, Mac, Linux iPad and iPhone.
**** MANY FILES TO MANY PEOPLE: you can send many selected files from each device with Feem WiFi to as many devices with Feem WiFi at once.
**** FAST FILE TRANSFER: Feem WiFi uses your full local network speed in order to transfer files. The faster your WiFi or local network, the quicker your files can be transferred.
**** SMALL TO HUGE FILES: from little excel documents to huge video files. Install Feem WiFi on the respective device and start transfering files painlessly.
**** CHAT: Feem WiFi has a chat function that allows you to chat with other Feem WiFi users in your local network. This facilitates communication and transfering of files.
**** AUTO-DISCOVERY: Once Feem WiFi is installed on a device, it will automatically recognize all other devices where Feem WiFi is installed. Very easy and painless.
**** AUTO-RESUME: Should a download / upload stop, Feem WiFi has an auto-resume feature which helps resuming interrupted downloads.

WHY FEEM WIFI? The answer is almost simplistic in its assertion; yet it holds a lot of truth.

We, like most other human beings on this planet, HATE PAIN. 

It is the reason we cry when we lose a close one. It is the reason we curse when bitten by an insect. It is the reason painkillers even exist in the first place. Yet, sharing files in your local network has become such a PAINFUL exercise over the years. A PAIN shared by more than 500 million wifi-enabled homes. 

With poor mobile support (USB sticks, Windows Shares), limited cross platform support (Windows Shares), slow transfer speeds (cloud storage, bluetooth), poor usability (bluetooth), and virus infected media (USB sticks), these alternatives are simply a PAIN to use. The need will be greatly felt for a painless alternative, in part because we are now living in a world where most people have more than one computing device with very incompatible systems.

How does Feem make local sharing painless. Easy. Here is our secret ingredient. No servers involved. Autodiscovery of peers in a local network. Cross-platform support. And finally, a user friendly interface. Did we mention blazing fast file transfer speeds. This is possible because your file transfers don’t go through Mr Slow Sluggish Internet. The moment you launch Feem WiFi, you’ll want to start sharing lots of stuff with the people around you. We can almost guarantee that.

Make no mistake. Our ambitions are clear. We want Feem to be the de-facto file sharing utility in your homes. Because Feem was designed to be PAINLESS.