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Home Bear

Home Bear
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Developed and published by Dojit Games, Home Bear focuses on the adventure of a young, cuddly bear's journey to get back home after becoming lost in a giant forest. The game challenges you to place items that help the on-screen character pass obstacles that get in his way.


The addictive game is aimed at a younger audience as well as more casual gamers. “Home Bear” features over 200 unique and beautifully crafted levels, from many different stages including the challenging Forest levels, the engaging hen House levels, the puzzling Eskimo Village levels and many more! With a selection of fun and wacky items to help the bear on his journey home. Fun gameplay helps teach players the importance of problem solving as they enjoy the game.


“Home Bear” focuses on a child friendly gaming experience as the main character cannot be harmed in any way. Players will soon be able to purchase additional levels from their respective mobile or tablet app store.