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Numbers Course at Udemy

Numbers Course at Udemy
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Apple iWork Numbers on an iPhoneLearn how to create powerful spreadsheets using Apple iWork Numbers!

iWorks is one of the best and most economical office productivity suites on the market. Use it on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Store files locally or on iCloud and they are synched automatically on all of your devices. You can easily import and export to Microsoft Excel too.

Now you can learn how to use Numbers online!

This course teaches the fundamentals with a special emphasis on working with conditional statements. Lessons build on completing a practical project so you can easily understand how each feature can be used.

Dr. Winegar has been teaching people how to use spreadsheet software since 1978 and brings that experience to this new series on Numbers. Beginners and experts alike can learn how to use this software.

This course is hosted by Udemy.

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