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Type Defender

Type Defender
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They may be cute. They may be cuddly. But don't let them enter your castle! Type Defender - who says spelling can't be fun?!

Protect your honey and earn gold by spelling out words. Defend your castle against cute puppies, radishes, octopuses, butterflies, and chameleons. Use gold to buy spells, moats, and more in Ye Old Shoppe. Save gold to add to your loot pile and earn a place in the Type Defender Leaderboards via Game Center. Perfect your typing and increase your no-miss multiplier to earn more gold for every word you spell correctly! Just watch out for those Ice and Fire critters!

Available for iPad. Additional Type Defender features:

  • iOS 6 Compatible
  • Select Start Game to play in Normal mode and select from 3 difficulty levels as well as buy spells and more.
  • Play Express mode for non-stop spelling fun and achieve the highest leaderboard score.
  • Easy words like dog to very difficult words like spectrophotofluorometrically.
  • Purchase hexes, scatter bombs, extra lives, and more in Ye Olde Shoppe in Normal mode.
  • Unlock fun achievements by becoming a master Type Defender!