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Quitting smoking isn't a cakewalk. If you're serious about quitting, you need to buckle down, get support, find tools, and face the facts. The Atta app can help.

Whether you're quitting cold turkey or weaning yourself off, Atta is designed to tailor itself to you, your needs, and your lifestyle.

Easily create a basic profile, including your name, age, and smoking habits. Use the "I smoked a cigarette" screen each time you light up and let Atta do the rest.


  • Receive notifications reminding you of how much money you've saved by not smoking.
  • Get health-related facts each time you light up.
  • See an overview of your personal smoke-free information, including your lung health, cigarettes smoked that day, average cigarettes smoked per day, and the total amount you've spent or saved.
  • Get motivated by your smoke-free achievements.
  • Share to Twitter and Facebook, or email how long you've been smoke free and how much money you've saved.
  • Track personal information including the number of days you've been smoke free, the total number of cigarettes you've smoked over time, and the total life you've lost smoking.
  • Review stats to aid you in spotting the trends in your smoking habits.
  • Get addition tools, resources, and information to help you stay smoke free for a lifetime!