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myPDV iExpenses

myPDV iExpenses
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Get organized and save more money! With myPDV iExpenses you can easily record, track, manage and control all your personal, medical, family and business expenses while on the go. Categorize your expenses and track them anytime by generating a graphical report that lets you check your expenditures by year, category, account and payment mode.

Main Features of myPDV iExpenses 

1. Easily RECORD and MANAGE your daily, monthly and yearly expenses.

2. ORGANIZE your expenses by category (Fuel, Travel, Rent...) and by account ( Personal, Family, Business...) to CONTROL your expenditures.

3. TRACK and ANALYZE all your expenses anytime by generating graphical reports.

4. Easily SYNCHRONIZE (backup and restore) all your expenses from your iPhone to myPDV.com and vice versa!

5. CALCULATE exchange rates wherever you are via the application’s exchange converter.

Manage your money, control your consumption and expenditures, and save more money!


myPDV.com – Organize & manage your life in one place!