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myPDV iContacts Sync

myPDV iContacts Sync
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myPDV iContacts Sync lets you synchronize (backup and restore) all your iPhone contacts to myPDV.com and vice versa. This application also allows you to instantly delete all your iPhone contacts then restore them from your myPDV account. It will also remind you of your last added contacts so that you never forget the contact information of the people you recently saved to your iPhone/iPad. 

Finally, you will be able to export all your contacts to an excel sheet in any format. This will let you import all you contacts in your Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail account as well as back them up on your computer or email. 
Main Features Include:

1.Easily backup, synchronize and save your contacts in the cloud 'myPDV.com'

2.Instantly delete and restore all your iPhone/iPad contacts.

3.Securely manage and organize your contacts in groups. 

4.Export all your contacts in an excel sheet to your email. 

5.Import your contacts to your Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail account. 

6.View the contact information of people you recently added to your iPhone/iPad.

7.Multiple device support (iPhone and iPad)

Via myPDV iContacts Sync, you will realize that managing, synchronizing and organizing your contacts couldn’t be any easier, safer and faster.


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