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Word Head

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"Word Head" . . .  I have something very special for you.  It's a book . . . a magic tome.  It will take you places you've never, ever imagined.  You'll discover many hidden words . . . and possibly their meanings.  And if you're really good, you may discover the alphabet.  Ahhh . . . the alphabet.  What would we do without the alphabet?  Certainly not be reading these words.  This rare find is surely worth three gold.  Go now Word Head!  . . .  go find the words and begin your alphabet quest . . . and don't give up!


Welcome to Word Head and the Alphabet Quest!  Word Head is a word search game on a freely rotating 3D cube.  There are numerous themed word lists to play, with many to unlock through the Alphabet Quest.  You can also make your own word lists from an extensive word look-up provided in 4 languages: English, French, German, and Spanish – over 1.6 million words!  You can share your custom word lists with friends through the Game Center and wireless Bluetooth.  Plus Word Head uses the iOS dictionary to provide definitions for many of the words.  And there are numerous Achievements and Leader Boards to rank your Word Head on the Game Center.  So have fun, improve your mind and vocabulary, and play Word Head!