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Dual SIM Adapter for iPhone 5 - without software

Dual SIM Adapter for iPhone 5 - without software
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Dual SIM adapter for iPhone 5

New SIMore Innovation: SIM2Be-5 for iPhone 5.
You can now use two different numbers on one iPhone 5.
No software installation required
Enjoy now the comfort of your iPhone 5 with two SIM cards.
The Dualsim Adapter SIM2Be-5 is a Dual SIM adapter which allows you to have two SIM (Nano SIM and/or Micro SIM and/or SIM card standard format) in your iPhone 5.
The Dualsim Adapter SIM2Be-5 is exclusively dedicated to the iPhone 5.
Very useful for businessmen in the competitive world, borders and all persons who have two SIM cards (Professional SIM / personal SIM / foreign countries SIM).
iPhone 5 users can now separate private life and professional life without having to carry two mobile phones.
You can switch from one number to the other in one click.
A manual switch on the SIM2Be-5's back side allows you switch between your two SIM cards easily.
This iPhone 5 accessory is the perfect tool for iPhone 5 users willing to separate private and business calls or avoid international roaming charges.
Use the Dualsim Adapter SIM2Be-5 in your iPhone 5 and turn it into a dual SIM card phone.
Thin and lightweight, the Dualsim Case SIM2Be-5 also protects your iPhone 5 from scratches and shocks, offering an additional protection.

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