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Pro Lessons for Guitar

Pro Lessons for Guitar
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Pro Lessons gives you the tools, techniques, tricks & licks to step your guitar playing up to a pro level. Get ready to ride to fast track to guitar awesomeness through lessons personally crafted by renowned professional guitarist, educator and producer Mark Fitchett. 

A Pro Lesson teaches you how to play something useful immediately in a practical musical situation. Here are just a few things you can learn how to do from the many lessons available in the store:

  • Construct amazing solos
  • Phrase beautifully
  • Improvise in different styles
  • Improvise in every position
  • Play classic licks
  • Play interesting rhythm patterns
  • Play all positions of the scales & modes
  • Relate the chords and scales together
  • Use theory for practical purposes
  • Create your own licks
  • Find your own original style


  • Detailed Video for every lick and pattern in the lesson 
  • Active scrolling Tab that tracks the playback of video and audio 
  • Slow Down function for the audio 
  • Looping function for audio & video
  • Pro Band Backing Tracks that can be played at any tempo
  • Relevant Scales, Tab & Chord Grids for the licks and patterns 
  • Notes from Mark Fitchett on style, technique and theory


  • Mastering the Minor Pentatonic: Volume 1 - the E minor pentatonic scale
  • Mastering the Mixolydian: Volume 1: Anchor Licks for CAGED Chord Shapes
  • Got the Bends? 24 Classic Bend Licks for Blues & Rock Soloing
  • Blues Rhythm Guitar: Blues Rhythm Triads 
  • Blues Turnarounds