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Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition

Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition
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Put some color and inspiration back into your life, with Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition, a collection of illustrated and interactive stories for the whole family. A journey where fantasy and reality blend to show us a new way of understanding the world.

Buy Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition at a reduced price, featuring these 5 stories:

- Forgotten Colours
- Monday’s Tale
- Out-of-Tune Serafin
- Riley
- Alliance

And get free updates with more stories!


"Touching stories and gorgeous graphics! This interactive collection of stories and artwork are warming and inspiring. I adore it!”
- Mygosh

Good stories, good illustration
"I got this one eye girl's wallpaper on Mac quite some time ago. That is how I first spot this app icon. Curious, I download the free version. Right after completing the 1st story, I make a decision to buy the full version. It is that good!!!”
- wvit

Enchanting stories and glorious artwork
"Thank you for publishing this work of art. It is full of wonder for any age! I love it.”
- Lorrian Ippoliti

♦♦♦ SYNOPSIS ♦♦♦

What would happen if the world’s colour started to vanish and everything turned pale, gray and gloomy?

Carmesina knows, she is the main character in a story where colours are disappearing until she meets a black cat, an event that will change the course of her life.

This is the plot of the first story in "Forgotten Colours and Other Illustrated Stories", a summary of 15 stories about love, friendship, fears, courage... seen from a slightly different point of view, half way between reflection and smile.

A journey to other worlds and other times, where fantasy and reality blend to awaken the best in ourselves.

▶ Vídeo Trailer: http://youtu.be/ImZ-QlZbaP8

♦♦♦ FEATURES ♦♦♦

✓ A book for the whole family.
✓ Wonderful illustrations that accompany each story.
✓ Interactive elements that exploit the capabilities of the iPhone.
✓ 5 stories that deal with universal themes from an optimistic point of view.
✓ Soundtrack that brings a new dimension to the story.
✓ Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.

Buy Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition at a reduced price, featuring the first 5 stories and get free updates until completing the 15 stories of the book.