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Have you ever tried using your iPhone while driving? Listen to music? Make a phone call? Find your favorite GPS app icon among hundreds?
Then iCarMode is exactly what
you are looking for.


Music Player

iCarMode includes Big buttoned music player to safely & comfortably access your music collection.



Favorite Contacts

iCarMode also includes quick dialup to your favorite contacts, so you don't have to browse them again & again in the addressbook.



GPS App shortcut

Easy access to your favorite GPS app, including: TomTom, Navigon, Waze, iGo & many more.



Phone Keypad

Well designed phone keypad with access to your iPhone's full addressbook.



Where did I park?

Forgot where you left your car? iCarMode will help you find your parked car!



Parking Meter

iCarMode will also remind you when your parking meter timer is about to finish.



Places nearby

Your car is parked. what did you have in mind? coffee? the nearest ATM? this feature, powered by Google places, will help you out.



App Shortcut

iCarMode has also room for your favorite app shortcut, now supports: Pandora, Shazam, TuneIn Radio & more...


For more details : http://www.icarmode.com/