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unFed unDead!

unFed unDead!
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A fast paced arcade game, referred to as “Hungry Hungry Hippos, for an Apocalyptic Era”. You control a group of zombies, surrounding a room full of victims, reaching into the room through windows on each side of the screen to capture the brains of your victims.


unFed unDead! Does borrow the basic concepts from the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, but you will find it is a very unique game. The single player campaign is a very challenging race against the clock to try to capture all the victims in the room before the time expires. We have done much to prevent this task from becoming a mindless, button jamming activity that you will find occurring in several other apps' attempts to expand on these concepts.


First, we keep things fresh by offering an array of delightful levels filled with lots of (optional) gore that will pit your zombies against a variety of victims and environments spanning from Bikini Babes in the gym showers to evil Nazis in the War Room to even Geniuses in the Apple Store. Each level has its basic victims and it also has a unique level boss, each with a particular weakness and strength that you must learn to exploit and avoid in order to be successful.


Our control scheme is also very unique. Players drag from in front of the given window back at an angle to the edge of the screen. The angle of your drag determines the angle of your attack. A non-obtrusive control overlay is positioned at each edge of the screen to indicate the control area with an indicator to communicate the desired action the user should take to perform an attack.


Several concepts must be utilized in order to be successful and earn a high enough score to unlock the next level. First, you must avoid brain drains, which occur if one zombie eats too much too quickly, by varying your attacks amongst all four zombies. You must strive to be accurate, since accuracy will put you on a kill streak, awarding you time and point bonuses and even power ups. A Double-Tap bonus is awarded for a skillfully made attack in which two zombies attack simultaneously and both earn kills.


To conquer a single level, you must progress through three separate rounds, each increasing in difficulty. If you earn 2 stars, the next level is unlocked (3 are required in the free version) and if you earn 3 stars, you earn a free perk (paid version only). Perks can also be purchased through the online perk store. The Perk Store contains several temporary power ups and permanent game perks to help the player progress through the levels. These items include “Super-Z” power ups, continues, Extra time, ect.


Players are encouraged to earn high scores to compete against their friends online through a unique 'Social Scoreboard' system, which will show the player how their level score ranks amongst their facebook friends.


Finally, after a level is unlocked it may be played in multiplayer mode. This mode pits up to 4 players against each other on a single device, each controlling a zombie at one side of the screen and competing for the highest point total. Our unique control scheme makes it possible for up to 4 players to play at once on a single device without any overlapping controls.