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Smuurk! The social platform where you can share your most epic tales and your most mortifying moments!

Put your own applause-worthy stories, ponderous thoughts, or shameful disgraces to the smuurk vote. Vote, share, and comment on other worldly smuurkers’ thoughts and tales.

Smuurk and be proud!

Smuurk Features:

  • Browse the most popular smuurk stories.
  • Vote to be the last man or woman smuurking.
  • Like hilarious smuurks or dislike lame smuurks.
  • Comment on a fellow smuurker’s smuurk or on your own.
  • Share your favorite smuurks on Twitter, Facebook, or Email.
  • View your own smuurk story.
  • Customize your smuurk settings.
  • Sign in with Facebook or simply register to create a Smuurk account.