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Zed Destroyer

Zed Destroyer
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Destroy the zombies, save the humans!

The long dreaded zombie apocalypse is upon us! Until a cure is found, Dr. Eugene Laurchan created Bill the Robot to defend us against the zombies.

As Bill the Robot, you and your lasers are all that stands between a total zombie takeover and the survival of human civilization. Unlock a motley crew along the way to fortify humanity’s defenses and aim for the crates to upgrade weapons and volleys against the horde. Just watch out for those giant zombies!

Destroy all of the zombies! Download Zed Destroyer to your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad today!

Zed Destroyer Features

  • Shoot crates for a weapon upgrades to get a wider shot or multiple shots
  • Unlock a variety of characters through game play or Achievements
  • Check out who’s in the lead and out of your league on the Leader Boards
  • Check out your progress and earned in Achievements in the Game Center