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Mr. & Mrs. Cutie Pie

Mr. & Mrs. Cutie Pie
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Mr.and Mrs.Cutie Pie have been separated, and both the husband and wife terribly long to be with each other and pick it up from where they left. However, the sweet reunion seems like a million years away because the path to it is filled with serious traps and obstacles and Cupid does not seem likely to reach out his hands to them. So you must take your responsibility to be the one helping them to resume their lives together whether it takes place in nocturnal suburbs, snowy acclivities, sunny beaches, or the ocean bottom. So whether they can pick it up from where they left is totally on you now!

Featured Highlights:
* Two lovely and cute characters.
* different backgrounds for 4 different experience.
* Intelligently designed levels featuring clearly places traps, obstacles, and props.
* Beautiful graphics.
* Great Physics.


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