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Boxing!!!!!!!, The reinvention of boxing on the ipad!!!, 

In its newest avatar 
Welcome to the world of shadow boxing!! 

For all those boxers, fighters, fitness fanatics and users Tech BLA presents the perfect fitness and work out app 

No more buttons on the screen to make the game boring but to use the best controls which we have i.e. our hands 

For the first time 

--box without tapping on the screen 
--punch the bag as hard as you can, the faster you hit the the further the bag swings 
--check your poses in the tv as you box 
--improve your accuracy 

Once you get the hang of it 

try out the challenge mode where your skills as a shadow boxer are tested in 10 challenging rounds 
Coming soon 

--More than 3 kinds of gameplay styles 
--advanced face recognition feature 
--Advanced AI 
--Many new levels