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FileSafe - Double Password Folder

FileSafe - Double Password Folder
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Two passwords, two secret areas! This is why FileSafe is so special.
Now with Dropbox support!

Want to see it in action? Check out this video: http://youtu.be/FcVCTBRvrAg

FileSafe is a user-friendly, simple to use File Manager App that helps you to protect your files from prying eyes. 
Thanks to the double password, your friends will never know your secrets. 

The first time you open FileSafe you have to set two passwords: the 'fake password' and the 'real password'. 
If a curious friend asks you to look inside your private files, give him the 'fake password', he will see only innocent files inside your FakeDirectory. 
Using the 'real password' (only for your eyes), you will see your secret files. 

With the real password you can access the entire FileSafe Filesystem, even the FakeDirectory, and copy files from-to it. The FakeDirectory is simply a subfolder of the master directory. 
Instead, when you use the fake password, you are *blocked* inside the FakeDirectory and can't go out, no risk to show your secret files to anyone ;-)

You can even upload files using iTunes or by the option 'open in', available in Mail and other Apps that supports it. 
When you use open in, the files are first copied into the Inbox, accessible with the Master Password. From there, you can move it wherever you want (even in the fake dir)

A brief list of the feature available in this first version:

- Dropbox integration, you can download and upload files from your Dropbox
- two secret areas, accessible with two different passwords
- organization within user created folders
- Fake directory, accessible with the master password, where you can place your "innocent files"
- preview of the most common type of files
- possibility to open your files in other apps
- copy your files using iTunes or "open in" function on iPhone

Enjoy it, and write me for any suggestion or feature request. 

Many improvements coming soon:

- web files download
- more localizations