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Tripwolf travel guides provide for all your tourist needs

Jim Karpen

TripWolfTripwolf lets you access free travel guides for over 50,000 cities around the world. The guides combine information from professional travel guide publishers and feedback from actual travelers. You can have up to three city guides on your device at one time, and the guides for major cities have a considerable amount of information. However, less visited destinations like Kansas City, Missouri or Des Moines, Iowa, only have a basic information page and a listing of accommodations. You can access the guides online or download them for offline access later.

Tripwolf provides free travel guides for 50,000 cities around the world.

The app uses the iPhone’s GPS capabilities to determine your location. Shake your iPhone and the app will recommend nearby establishments. Categories of information include: Not to Miss, Nightlife & Entertainment, Eating, Hotels & Accommodations, Shopping, Culture & Sights, Nature & Adventure, Sports & Wellness, Transport, Destinations, and Neighborhoods. The app allows you to specify how much information you want to download for offline use and takes network connection speeds into consideration. For example, the guides include quite a few photos, but viewing those increase download time. Tripwolf gives you the option of downloading the text only.