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New York Travel Guide - Peter Pauper Press Interactive

New York Travel Guide - Peter Pauper Press Interactive
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New York Travel Guide – Peter Pauper Press Interactive

The award-winning travel series goes interactive! Featuring over 675 listings, this practical, engaging, and easy-to-use travel app will introduce you to Manhattan’s many wonders. First-time visitors will find the perfect introduction to New York City, and for those already familiar with the island metropolis, we’ve pointed out plenty of lesser-known gems in every neighborhood. Find locations on a map (even offline!), schedule a trip itinerary, share your photos, and easily locate venues nearby. New York offers something for everyone. With the help of Peter Pauper’s city guide, make the most of what it has in store for you.

OFFLINE MAPS. Need to navigate from the subway, or a similarly signal-free zone? We’ve included high-res, interactive stored maps that you can access any time. Pan and zoom as you please. There’s also a fully searchable online map.

NEAR ME. Want to find out what’s nearby? Tap the Near Me button to pull up a list of the closest recommended restaurants, shops, and things to see and do. You can also sort any tailored list of venues (Asian restaurants, for example, or bookstores) by distance from you. Whether you seek the nearest burrito or the nearest modern art exhibition, the New York Travel Guide will send you in the right direction.

STRAIGHT TALK. Confused by not-quite-credible, conflicting online reviews? We’ve hand-picked every site in the app, and our only goal is to recommend places worthy of your time and money. We’ve included a brief description of each site and a photo, so you know what to expect. And because we know that travel research can strain your attention span, our writers—travel guide professionals all—keep their reviews direct, interesting, and fun.

TRIP PLANNING. Our app makes planning a snap. No more trying to recall the name of that restaurant whose review intrigued you—just hit the Add to My Trip button located on every venue listing page, and schedule a dinner. Avoid missing out on your must-see list by planning your New York adventures in advance. Even if scheduling’s not your strong suit, the My Trip feature will help you organize your travel wishlist.

SOCIALIZE. Tweet your Central Park photos, check in on Facebook from rooftop bars, and generally let the world know you’re having a grand time. We’ve incorporated easy-access social media buttons into every listing. To make documenting your escapades effortless, there are even in-app camera and photo sharing functions.

PUBLIC TRANSIT. We’ve included a high-res map of the excellent New York City subway system, and tips for easy transport. For travelers with disabilities, there’s an essential rundown of the MTA’s accommodations, as well as quick links to helpful web pages.

TOP PICKS. Overwhelmed by a sea of options? Here’s a list of New York’s greatest sights. These are the venues that made history, the ones that first come to mind when people picture Manhattan.

SEASONAL EVENTS. Never miss (or accidentally stumble into) a major parade, street fair, big sports game, or cultural event. Our season-by-season list enumerates the city’s foremost annual happenings. Whether you’d prefer to be in the thick of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities or holed up indoors forty blocks away, check this section when making your plans.