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User-friendly clipboard : Copycan

User-friendly clipboard : Copycan
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We are pleased to introduce you "Copycan Lite", a very useful text copy-and-paste application. 

Copycan is a very user-friendly clipboard application for iPhone and has the following features:


- Each times the app is launched or back active, it automatically adds copied text.

- You can edit, name, send by Email or by SMS the items.

- The items can be categorized into folders with 4 tabs.

- Sort the list by the most recently used text. Quick to select and copy the frequently used phrases.

- Intuitive operations; simply tap the buttons from the list.

- Add new text using the "Add new" button.


The app is very simple and quick. Great performances: try to believe.



Price : Free

Condition : iOS4.0 or later

Website: http://ofhakoniwa.info/

AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/user-friendly-clipboard-copycan/id531603367?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8


Seller: Office HAKONIWA





The full version of "Clipboard in Background : Copycan" can record copied text in background.