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Funny road trip

Funny road trip
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Moooomm, are we there yet? - Have you ever heard this? So do we...

That's why we've developed the iPhone game Funny Road Trip.

Funny road trip is an educative funny game for children so they are not bored while long trip by car or bus. We've developed the game on our personal experiences with traveling with our kids. We know they love to fulfill different tasks. This game is not about a classical "PC like playing", staring on to a display and pushing buttons. It requires kids to pay attention to the surroundings and also stimulates their imagination.

The principle of the game is to choose one character of a hitchhiker who gives a different tasks to kids. Each hitchhiker is special with it's own sense of humor, unique tasks and also brings to children curiosities from the world he becomes from.

No need to watch the display, the game is authentic dubbed by native speakers in three language versions (english, german and czech). You can switch between the languages while playing.

We believe that this game is somehow unique and original. Our kids love to play it and all of us enjoy it on long road trips.