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CaMeasure! Pro ~ Dimension Your World.

CaMeasure! Pro ~ Dimension Your World.
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★ Innovative app for automatically measuring and dimensioning objects using your iPhone camera.

★ Quickly add dimensioning arrows and description fields to your pictures and share them with customers, colleagues or friends. 

★ Always have your most important measures with you. Everywhere you go - from furniture shop to hardware store.

★ Ideally suited for architects, interior decorators, designers, real estate agents, carpenters, construction workers or hobbyists.

★ Made by professionals for professionals.

When does CaMeasure! Pro come in handy?

☆ Constructing a house? 
☆ Redecorating your apartment? 
☆ Moving to a new place? 
☆ Need to know the exact size of something real quick?

★ CaMeasure! Pro helps you to make sure that old furniture fits into new spaces - or your new car into the old garage! 
★ At home, in the shop or on the road: Measure everything from furniture to large buildings with your iPhone camera!

What are the Highlights?

★ Automatic size estimation of small and large objects by using predefined and customizable reference items. 
★ Quickly add professional-looking dimensioning arrows and descriptive text boxes to your photos. 
★ Choose among multiple line styles, colors and font sizes.
★ Use dimensioning arrows of known length as reference for other measurements. 
★ Save, load and share your projects with customers, colleagues or friends using Facebook, email or iTunes. 
★ Innovative 'Gravity Ruler' for accurate and fast alignment along horizontal and vertical edges. 
★ 'Digital bubble levels' ensure optimal camera alignment towards measurement objects. 
★ Automatic conversion between US and metric units. 
★ Polished and harmonious design with attention to detail.


Customer Feedback

★ ZERBST.ES - Happiness architecture: "CaMeasure! Pro has become an integral part of our everyday work routine as professionals of the construction sector. Without carrying anything but an iPhone with this app installed, we can take measures on the building site and add them to the corresponding photographies. The customers are deeply impressed by the speed an efficiency of obtaining results which can even be sent directly from the phone by email to the building promoter."