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Measure Your Land: get squares and distances using a sattellite map!

Measure Your Land: get squares and distances using a sattellite map!
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Did you ever have to explain to your colleague what the difference in length between two paths is? Or maybe you are an engineer and need a decision from your client as to which laying of a service line is acceptable? Or you just have an argument with your friend about the real area of the Great Lakes? Now with the “Measure Your Land” application you can easily make several measurements of the Earth objects on the satellite map with a few taps and share your measurement by email. Available on the iPhone & iPad “Measure Your Land” allows your email receiver to open your measurement, view and edit it.

But “Measure Your Land” is not just an app. It's more! With the help of an additional online service http://ribaba.com/kml anyone can preview files produced by "Measure Your Land" just using a browser on any laptop or computer!

Several extraordinary features among applications of the same class are:

  • 58 unique measurement units in over then 10 measurement systems, western and oriental, traditional and region specific
  • Possibility to make and compare several paths or areas on the same map
  • A special "Sum" tool that allows calculating a total size of several measurement figures
  • An extra "Landmark" tool that allows you just to mark objects of interest on the map
  • Diligently prepared graphics for “The new iPad” retina display.

“Measure Your Land” is available on the AppStrore for free. A Free version is limited: you to plot only three measurement figures on the same map and save up to three measurements. There are upgrade options available with the help of in-app purchases. A Standard edition of the app allows you to have up to 15 figures on the map and save up to 15 measurements for $2.99. A Professional edition allows you to have up to 2,000 figures on the map and save up to 100,000 measurements for $9.99. 

See app in action in the “Measure Your Land” movie http://youtu.be/_rSK18bePIo