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Jim Karpen
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Getting the Most Out of iTunes

iTSfvThe name of this program stands for iTunes Store File Validator, and its principal use is to standardize all the metadata in your tracks according to the iTunes file standard. It has many other features, including automatic genre tagging from Last.fm, exporting iTunes Store artwork, and downloading lyrics from LyricsWiki. It also gives an automatic rating according to how often a track is played, creates statistics for your music library, and more. Like many open source applications, iTSfv has a lot of features, but they’re not always easy to find. In addition to the apps described above, you might also check out these album artwork applications. • iGrabber (Free; Windows version only; softpedia.com—search on iGrabber) • Album Cover Finder ($15; Mac and Windows versions; amphonicdesigns.com) • Album Artwork Locator ($25; Mac and Windows versions; zeleksoftware.com/locator.htm)

iTSfv Free; Windows only; itsfv.sourceforge.net;