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Getting the Most Out of iTunes


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This popular add-on is sold in Apple retail stores and on Apple’s Web site; it’s also available from the developer’s Web site. Once installed, the TuneUp window appears next to your iTunes window on your Mac or PC. To fill in or correct metadata stored on an MP3 music file, drag it from iTunes to the TuneUp window. It then takes an “audio fingerprint” of the song to identify it and then fills in missing, or corrects inaccurate metadata information. This includes artist, song title, album title, release year, and genre. If the same artist is listed in different ways, it will standardize the label and spelling. TuneUp will also search your entire music collection for music files that are missing album covers. However, before you do this, you must first perform a metadata cleanup so the info stored in the music file is accurate. TuneUp can also recognize greatest hits compilations so that the tracks on these can be matched with their original albums. TuneUp is available in free and commercial versions. The free version limits you to 100 cleanups and 50 album covers; the commercial version is unlimited. Both versions give you unlimited access to the software’s other features. The Tuniverse feature is similar to Genius in iTunes. It locates music on the Web similar to your tracks, finds related YouTube videos, and provides artist bios from Wikipedia. It will give you song recommendations. The Concerts feature alerts you to upcoming concerts by artists in your library. The commercial version is called TuneUp Gold and is available in Apple Stores ($29.95, boxed) and as a download from the TuneUp media Web site ($29.95 for a lifetime subscription; $19.95 for a one year subscription).

TuneUp Free and commercial versions available for Mac and Windows;  tuneupmedia.com.