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Album Flow

Album Flow
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Album Flow is a clear and simply solution for those who miss the Cover Flow view from the iPad's app.


In Album Flow there are a lot more potential than just walk through your albums. You can see the full list of songs of each album, in addition, there are more information about the songs. It has play counter and it informs you about the last played date. You can easily set up a playlist from various albums and start playing it immediately and of course you can add or remove songs as well. Moreover, in full screen cover flow mode supports the song list, so if you want to start or add a song to the playlist just tap on the album artwork once and you got the song list as well as the normal view. Of course it supports playlists from iTunes.


Besides these features there, you can select any font from your iPad. To make your app more personal you can set any picture as a background image or select a color from a palette. Also there is an option for turn off the rounded corners of the albums to make it easier to use. Album Flow supports English, French, German and Hungarian languages. Moreover you can send what are you listening to via E-Mail, share on your Facebook wall or tweet about it.


With Album Flow 1.7 you get what you've ever wanted. A fast, super smooth Cover Flow to your iPad. In this version, the lag and slowly behavior has been fixed. From now, it has exactly the same cover flow effect like on the Mac or on the iPhone. Additionally there will be no more low resolution artworks. If the high resolution artwork image has been set to the album then Album Flow will display it correctly. Furthermore it get a fully drawn user interface for music control buttons too. So from now, the user can select the glow color for buttons. This mean that the retina display is now fully supported. Last, but not least, you get a + button to add the whole album to the playlist. 


For more information about Album Flow, please watch the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX3tDmZ8xUA