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Clipboard in Background : Copycan

Clipboard in Background : Copycan
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Clipboard in Background : Copycan version 2.5 for iOS. With copycan, the user can copy and paste quickly.It can copy having no range selection and easily. User can record many text, if you copy text repeatedly with starting this application software. By launching the app in monitor mode, easy re-use of data is recorded automatically and has been recorded in the list. The contents recorded is added to "collection".

* This App is clipboard to Copy and Paste for iPhone
* The texts will be pasted "copycan" as soon as copied in another App
* Copy texts repeatedly within about 10 minute, they will be pasted "copycan"
* you can copy in Safari, Mail, another App
* Collected texts can be used only tap on the button named "COPY" with no selection range
* A button change the mode Rec or Stop
* Collected texts is able to edit and able to set the title
* The list named "collection" sort automatically or manually
*"collection" can be sorted by recording time or using last time
* You can delete Plurality texts quickly using check-box

* You save any data from collection to folders.

* Folders have 8 tabs that be able to rename.
* Using pull-down menu,check all or check none on checkbox is very fast!
* Tab of under the window can jump top of window with double-tap
* You can recognize the mode recording or stopping as soon as watching background color

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 5.0 MB


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