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Restrict use of content and apps


With OS 3.0, you can restrict the use of certain content and apps on an iPhone or iPod touch. For example, you can disallow the downloading of explicit audio/video content purchased via iTunes; disable Safari, YouTube, the iTunes Music and App stores; block the installation of third-party apps and, on an iPhone, disable the Camera app as well. The icons for the disabled apps disappear from the Home screen. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to Settings >General >Restrictions, and tap on “Enable Restrictions.”
  2. Enter and then re-enter a 4-digit passcode. (You’ll need this when you want to disable the restrictions.)
  3. Set the specific restrictions by tapping the individual controls on or off (“off” restricts its use).

If you want to remove the restrictions, go back to Settings >General >Restrictions. Enter the passcode, tap “Disable Restrictions,” and enter the passcode again.