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Find apps, e-mails, songs fast with Spotlight Search


SpotlightSpotlight Search is one the best new features in OS 3.0. Given that you can now have up to 11 pages of apps, swiping constantly to find them can be a bit irritating. Spotlight Search is the fastest way to find an app, contact, e-mail, song, video, or other piece of data. Simply open the Spotlight Search window, begin entering your search query, and a list of possible results is displayed and refined as you type. When you see what you’re looking for, tap on it to open it.

To go to Spotlight, go to the Home screen and swipe left. You can also press the Home button from the Home screen to open the search screen. Finally, you can configure the system (Settings >General >Home) to go directly to Spotlight by hitting the Home button twice. (You can also configure the iPhone to open the Camera screen when you hit Home twice.)

This app is excellent to use; I even found e-mails from the trash during a recent search. It really mitigates what was becoming a double-edged sword of the iPhone’s apps: there are so many good ones that it can fill up your Home pages pretty quickly.