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Make selecting text easier for Cut, Copy, & Paste


Copy & PasteCopy & PasteOS 3.0 adds Cut, Copy, & Paste capability to the iPhone and iPod touch. This system-wide feature works with any app that accepts text entry. Before you can cut or copy text, you first have to select it. To do this you have to do the following:

  1. Press and hold down on the text you wish to cut until a magnifying glass pops up
  2. Position the cursor exactly where you want to cut or copy text
  3. Lift your finger from the text to display the selection bubble
  4. Tap on Select
  5. Finally, use your finger to move the blue grab points to select the exact text you wish to cut or copy.

It’s far easier to double tap on part of the text you want to highlight. That will immediately display the blue grab points. The iPhone tries to anticipate your need and provides you with the most obvious choice between cut, copy, or paste in the bubble. If it can’t be determined, all three choices will be displayed.

To paste a word or phrase into a document, press and hold down on the place you wish to insert the text until the magnifying glass pops up. Use it to position the cursor exactly where you want to insert the text; then lift up your finger and tap on Paste in the pop-up bubble.