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Need for Speed: Undercover

Joshua Villines

Need for SpeedNeed for SpeedThere are also plenty of racing titles in the App Store, but none has generated the buzz of EA’s Need for Speed: Undercover which provides an astonishing list of twenty different cars to race in eight different scenarios (with names like “Highway Battle” and “Cop Takeout”). A wealth of car upgrades, achievements, and bragging rights provide plenty of reasons to keep coming back to the game.

Need for Speed: Undercover offers you a variety of fast, responsive cars and beautiful scenery.

Features and car choices are not the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a racing game. The only thing that matters is speed! NFS: Undercover is very fast indeed. The cars are quick and responsive on the road, and they look beautiful. The scenery and car models push the very edge of the iPhone’s graphics capabilities. The fact that EA was able to make a game that looks this good and plays this well bodes well for the iPhone’s future as a gaming platform. With a variety of ways to play, a large number of possible goals, and more snazzy cars than Jay Leno’s garage, Need for Speed: Underground will keep you in the driver’s seat for many hours to come.

Need for Speed: Undercover