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Galaxy on Fire

Joshua Villines

Galaxy on FireGalaxy on FireGalaxy on Fire is another multi-platform port that excels on the iPhone. A 3D space shooter in the tradition of Elite and Wing Commander, Galaxy on Fire provides more than just a chance to step into the cockpit and blow away a few alien bogies. It offers a great way to scratch both your science fiction and trigger finger itch.

Galaxy On Fire lets you scratch your science fiction and trigger finger itch.

Players can choose from multiple types of ships and upgrades, and can use both combat and trading missions to improve their wealth and the capabilities of their ship. Unlike Elite and other games, being a true pacifist-trader is not an option. Combat is inevitable and essential to advance the plot line and the pilot’s career.

The iPhone version of Galaxy on Fire makes full use of the iPhone’s graphic acceleration. Make sure you have the latest version (1.1.1) because it significantly improves frame rates and corrects several glitches found in previous versions. The interface is solid and uncluttered, and some of the space combat scenes can be genuinely beautiful.

The large galaxy, variety of ships and missions, and high degree of polish make Galaxy on Fire an excellent value. There are plenty of space shooters in the App Store, but Galaxy on Fire is in a universe all its own.

Galaxy on Fire

  • $4.99 (free Lite version also available)
  • Marc Hehmeyer; FISHLABS GmbH Germany
  • fishlabs.net