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iDracula–Undead Awakening

Joshua Villines

iDraculaiDraculaChillingo has quickly distinguished itself as a leading publisher of innovative games for the iPhone. In fact, it would have been easy to populate this article exclusively with Chillingo titles. In this article I focus on one of their most popular and influential games.

iDracula: Battle waves of monsters on your quest to slay the ultimate vampire.

iDracula – Undead Awakening has the distinction of being the first iPhone action arcade game to get everything right. Billed as a “survival shooter,” it offers constant combat that challenges your reaction time and precision—the stuff that “twitch gamers” crave. The interface is so good, in fact, that it has become the de facto standard for 2D isometric action titles published since its release.

There is more to iDracula than just innovation. Weapon upgrades and continuous waves of new monsters keep you coming back for more as you continue your quest to slay the ultimate vampire. Action games, however, are not really about character development or story. They are about slaughtering multitudes of enemies in the most creative, combustible way possible. iDracula delivers this in spades.

Most games in this genre become tedious after a few iterations, but iDracula has enough complexity and visual quality to retain its replay value for some time.

iDracula–Undead Awakening