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Joshua Villines

BookWorm - Screen1BookWorm - Screen 2Another title that is well-suited to the iPhone format is PopCap’s port of its popular word puzzle game. As with many of the best iPhone titles, gameplay is straightforward. You are presented with a screen full of letter tiles; your task is to make the best word you can from a series of contiguous tiles. The more sophisticated or obscure the word, the better your score.

Bookworm: Make words from contiguous letters and score points.

The game’s two modes of play (timed and untimed) as well as a host of achievements to unlock, and an appropriately challenging difficulty curve, give Bookworm the “just one more game” addiction factor that holds people’s interest in the best puzzle games.

PopCap’s usual level of polish is evident in all aspects of Bookworm. The graphics are fun and inviting. The menu and interface are smooth and quick to use. And the gameplay is fast and compelling.

Bookworm is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a more cerebral alternative to PopCap’s other popular iPhone title, Bejeweled. There is even a built-in dictionary for those who want to claim that they play the game for its educational value.


  • Make words, score points, and improve your vocabulary.
  • PopCap Games, Inc
  • $4.99; popcap.com