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Rogue Touch

Joshua Villines

Rogue Touch - Screen 1Rogue is one of the most venerable titles in the history of electronic entertainment. Multiple versions of it exist for nearly every platform, and there are already several versions for the iPhone and iPod touch. ChronoSoft’s Rogue Touch is far and away the best.

Rogue Touch’s intuitive controls and efficient interface make it an ideal role-playing game for the iPhone.

Rogue Touch - Screen 2Rogue Touch challenges you to move your character through more than twenty, randomly generated dungeon levels, recover an amulet, and fight your way back to the top. Along the way, you face a variety of angry monsters and collect increasingly lethal weapons and magical scrolls. Secret doors, cursed weapons, and potions of dubious value also stand between you and your goals.

As with other incarnations of the game, Rogue Touch lets you get just within reach of your goal before surprising you with an ogre or some other monster that whomps you into oblivion. In fact, many players have invested hundreds of hours in the game without ever actually seeing the fabled Amulet of Yendor.

Its intuitive controls and efficient interface make Rogue Touch an ideal game for the iPhone. Players can pick it up for a few minutes or play for hours. And it’s the desire to make it “just one level farther than last time” that keeps them coming back for more.

ChronoSoft has obviously put a lot of attention into every detail of this title. The graphics are simple but effective, and the variety of weapons, monsters, and Easter eggs keep the game interesting. In addition, ChronoSoft updates the game regularly with new content.

Rogue Touch may not be the flashiest game in the App Store, but it is perfectly suited to the platform. Just remember that once you enter the Dungeon of Doom, there is no turning back!

Rogue Touch

  • Once you enter the Dungeon of Doom, there is no turning back!
  • Kevin Hill; ChronoSoft
  • $2.99
  • chronosoft.com