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Eric Pankoke
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Hidden Game Gems

IgnitePlatform games are not as popular on the iPhone because of game control issues. You have to use the accelerometer or touch screen to move and shoot, and these controls can’t quite re–create the feel of a physical joypad. Still, some of these games exist, and it’s a shame when a good one comes along—one that circumvents most of the control issues—and goes largely unnoticed.

Such is the case with Ignite, a fast-paced game that puts you in the role of Iggy, a Flameboy, who must survive the evil Water Warlords’ attempts to extinguish his fire. Iggy can refuel his fire by landing on combustible platforms as he progresses through 30 challenging levels. The game has two simple control buttons: one makes you jump left and another makes you jump right. The height and length of your jump are determined by how you drag your finger away from the control buttons.

In addition to all this, Ignite has some very slick visuals and a foreboding, atmospheric soundtrack. All things considered, this one should have been in the “Top 10” list.